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Pat Catan’s store prepares to batten down once again

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Development proposal raises questions over future of local Eat’n Park location

A conceptual drawing shows plans for a community athletics center in the McKees Rocks Bottoms neighborhood. After months of meetings, the project was dismissed just days before the proposal was set to be brought to the public and the whole of McKees Rocks council.


Ulterior motives questioned

in athletics center dismissal 


By Jamie Wiggan

Staff Writer

-McKees Rocks-

The grandson of Homestead Grays baseball legend Josh Gibson suspects ulterior motives are behind a last-minute blockage of his plans to build a community athletics center in McKees Rocks.


Affordable rideshare pilot set to launch in Sto-Rox community


By Jamie Wiggan

Staff Writer


Several months after community leaders in Stowe and McKees Rocks first got together behind plans for testing a low-cost rideshare service, funds are now in place to launch a one-year pilot program.

Set to begin in early 2020, sponsors of the program say it will help meet the transportation needs of low-income residents while supplying a number of well-paying driver positions.

“RubyRide is a game-changer that will help provide our residents access to much-needed resources,” said Taris Vrcek, McKees Rocks Community Development Corporation (MRCDC) executive director. 

“It will have a significant impact on community health by providing access to fresh foods, healthcare and opportunities for education and employment.”



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