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A 96-year-old woman from McKees Rocks bowls a ‘no-tap 300’

By Tara Bailey

If you’re as young as you feel, then Sara Lyons feels 27-years-old. Turning 97 at the end of November, she made history at Kennedy Lanes when she achieved a no-tap 300.

Lyons began bowling 70 years ago and before her winning streak, her highest score was 250.

“I wasn’t expecting to bowl a perfect game. I went bowling as I do every Wednesday and Friday night”, Lyons said.

Bowling with her 10-pound ball, she hit strike after strike after strike.

“After the eighth strike, I got nervous. Everyone went quiet. By my 9th strike, I really got nervous.”

As she got closer to the finish, the pressure was building. Lyons remained calm and focused.

“When I bowled the 10th strike, everyone cheered and hugged me. It was great! I didn’t think I could do that at my age. I feel so good,” Lyons said.

Shooting a 300 no-tap at any age is difficult. The odds of bowling a perfect game are 11,500 to 1.

When asked, what is her secret to staying fit, Lyons said, “I spend 2 hours every day pulling weeds from my garden, and getting lots of love from my children and grandchildren."


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