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A few jelly beans

Updated: Oct 29, 2021

Darkness filled the graveyard site

From beneath the earth, an eerie light

The earth erupted like a nightmare dreamed

A skeleton appeared, while a night owl screamed.

Magic black now filled the air

As bleach white bones assembled there

Moon still bright with smog on the ground

And bones were rattling, but without a sound.

Magic continued as bones took shape

And an image appeared, wearing a cape

Appearance scary of an old ugly hag

Now she was holding an orange-black bag.

She made the sign of a circle round

Soon beside her a junkyard hound

The mutt was clad like a circus clown

And together they strolled to the center of town.

She went unnoticed, there wasn’t any fright

And she tried to scare people with all her might

Too much gaiety; too much fun

From house to house, the children run.

Candy filled bags for all to share

Festivities ending at the old town square

Everyone’s happy, but not the old hag

Time to get even for her still empty bag.

The square surrounded by happy false faces

Time for revenge that would leave no traces

The angry old hag then floated to the stage

And the kids became silent as she went into rage.

The first to go was the junkyard dog

It just disappeared, while becoming a log

The magic continued, she would make kids sick

But the children all cheered, what a wonderful trick.

Her face and her cape then fell to the floor

And bleached white bones began to soar

The children gasped as they showed their fear

But the hag had enough, she was getting out of here.

Now back to the grave lay an orange-black bag

No other traces of the wicked old hag

Her bones now buried with a few jelly beans

Her voice screams out,


–Ron Kaintz, Kennedy resident



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