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Absent Stowe commissioners stall process for demolition of 20 homes

By Elizabeth Perry

Stowe Commissioners failed to make a quorum and will have to re-advertise a public hearing to discuss a slate of 20 houses on a list for demolition.

Commissioner’s President Kelly Cropper-Hall and Commissioner Robin Parilla were both absent from the Sept. 12 hearing. Commissioner Dave Rugh was also absent, although he showed up to attend the meeting which followed the public hearing.

Legal advertising for the demolition of the buildings will need to be published again.

Six connected row house addresses on Race Street were listed, as well as connected properties on Ohio, Orchard and 7th streets. Additionally, properties on Harlem, Highland, Ridge, Woodward and Russellwood avenues are also listed.

Commissioner Darrell Chestnutt apologized at the end of the commissioner’s regular meeting and said the township would reschedule and advertise the public hearing again.

Township Secretary Roberta Farls said via email that the public hearing would be rescheduled for Nov. 14 at 6 p.m., and then any and all appeals can be heard at that time.

“After that, then there is another 30 days to wait before any type of demolition can occur. As the grants become available, they will be applied for and used for the demolitions, when appropriate,” Farls said via email.

Farls said the township has a few grants for which they’ve applied.

“The properties are not dependent on the applications,” Farls added.

Parilla and Cropper-Hall did not attend the Sept. 11 workshop meeting which was held the previous day. Parilla said in an interview after the meeting he could not make the meeting because he was watching his baby granddaughter.

“She’ll be a year old next month, I watch her five days a week,” Parilla said, adding, “Priorities have changed, in a good way I have to be honest.”

Cropper-Hall did not respond to a request for comment.


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