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AREA Budgetary highlights | Carnegie to see slight increase in property tax rates in new year


By Elizabeth Perry

Area municipal budgets for 2023 are in, with millage rates remaining steady in most townships and boroughs aside from Carnegie.

Carnegie passed a millage increase of .25, going from 7.00 to 7.25. A homeowner with a house assessed at $100,000 would see a $25 annual tax increase.

Carnegie Council Vice President Sue Demko said the millage increase passage was done with a heavy heart, but she and her colleagues felt it was necessary.

Below are some comparisons between boroughs and townships in the region. According to Kennedy Township’s officials, they have the largest budget at $17,654,292. Stowe has the smallest budget at $2,929,393.

For the majority of the local area government, police department funding tends to be the biggest budget expenditure. McKees Rocks spends the most percentage-wise, at 42%, Robinson is next at 39%, Stowe spends 35% and Coraopolis spends 30%. Carnegie is projected to spend 14% and Crafton 13% of their total budget.

The largest budget expenditure in Carnegie is the sewage budget, at $3,553,859. Revenue from sewer bills covers most of this expense and in 2023 the borough is projecting a profit of

$66,641 compared to 2022 which ended the year out at a cost of $385,700.

The same is true of Crafton, with the largest budget expenditure listed as the sewer fund at $2,655,670.

Total Budgets

Carnegie $10,991,840

Coraopolis $6,677,420

Crafton $13,173,551

Kennedy $17,874,307*

McKees Rocks $4,597,000

Robinson Township $15,757,385

Stowe Township $2,929,393

*Kennedy provided

a general budget:

General Fund $11,550,640

Sewer Fund $5,869,445

Liquid Fuel $454,222

General Government:

Carnegie $312,320

Coraopolis $389,500

Crafton $1,458,175

McKees Rocks $304,600

Robinson $1,454,400

Stowe $149,260**


Carnegie $1,589,402

Coraopolis $2,007,347

Crafton $1,743,896

McKees Rocks $1,935,100

Robinson $6,181,110

Stowe $1,049,219


Carnegie $320,385

Coraopolis $31,100

Crafton $307,590

McKees Rocks $94,800

Robinson Township $576,500

Stowe Township $69,000

**(Office and total legislative added to get Stowe General Government Expense)


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