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Blight discussion continues in Cory

By Garret Roberts


Ongoing discussion related to blighted properties continued May 12 as Coraopolis Council members addressed a complaint filed by a concerned citizen aimed at two problem buildings on 7th Avenue.

The letter, sent to council’s Daniel LaRocco, said the borough wasn’t doing enough to address a problem property next to her home. The two buildings, which appear to be abandoned, are causing concern for potential danger.

“People will throw garbage and beer cans, which I have tried to keep clean,” read the letter. “The weeds got so bad they turned into trees. I see people go in because the doors are open. I’m afraid they are going to use it for a drug house and set fire to it.”

LaRocco visited the area in question and talked to the letter’s author as well, getting the full story on her concerns about the problem property next door.

“I was in there for half an hour,” said LaRocco. “I explained that we are trying to get as many houses down as we can.”

After hearing her concerns, the council decided they will look into the matter with the help of the police department. If the property is abandoned, they will also seek approval to demolish the two buildings.

The council also continued ongoing discussions related to funding the demolition of two abandoned properties on 5th Avenue, the former Van Balen Laundry building and a structure located across the street that caught on fire last year.

In other news:

The borough will be hosting a Memorial Day celebration on May 31 at the corner of 5th Avenue and Mulberry Street in honor of fallen American soldiers.

Festivities will take place from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. and include free food and drinks for the public.

The Coraopolis Memorial Library is set to open again on June 1.

According to the council, the library will be hiring additional part-time help to assist with daily operations.

Street sweeping has resumed, so residents are encouraged to pay attention to road signs to keep the streets cleared of cars during cleaning hours.

The borough will be planting trees in the area in an effort to improve the appearance of high traffic areas.

These areas include near the jailhouse on 5th, Edgewood and Ridge avenues.

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