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Borough catching up on delays in auditing


Having finally processed a late audit for the 2019-20 tax year, McKees Rocks administrators say they’re taking action to get caught up in the present and prevent delays in future years.

“We are back on track,” said Substitute Manager LeeAnn Wozniak. “We’re working hand in hand [with the auditors] so there’s open communication.”

When presenting the findings of the two-year old report to council during their April 5 meeting, auditor Kim Turnley said reports had been “way later than they should have been” for the past three years.

Pennsylvania’s Department for Community and Economic Development requires municipalities submit audit reports by April of the year following the tax year in question. Turnley acknowledged, however, that fewer than one in five of her clients meet this benchmark, and the DCED only begins to show concern when audits are not filed by the end of the calendar year.

Neither Turnley or borough officials gave details about what caused the delays other than acknowledging “staffing issues” had been a factor.

Borough Manager Ruth Pompey has been on extended leave of absence since June 2021.

Turnley said things are moving forward much faster this year, and she hopes the audit will be completed by May.

“We’re going to fix the problems and hopefully this situation won’t happen again,” she said.


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