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Carlynton switches to digital report cards at elementaries


By Sam Bigham

School directors at Carlynton received both technology and health/safety updates during the Jan. 17 meeting.

Joshua Jones, the district’s technology director, updated the board on all things Promethean boards, Chromebooks and digital report cards. Superintendent John Kreider updated the board on the district’s health and safety policy as it relates to COVID-19.

Tech report

According to the tech report, the district completed its installation of 107 updated Promethean boards. All necessary rooms now have an up-to-date interactive whiteboard.

The district is maintaining its 1-to-1 student to Chromebook ratio. Angela Zenone, the high school’s technology assistant, is helping to maintain this ratio and said she often repairs 5 or 6 Chromebooks per day.

Carnegie Elementary school will move to digital report cards that can be accessed through the parent portal. Parents will receive instructions via email on how to access the report card.

Director Joe Appel raised a concern for those who are unable to or uncomfortable with accessing the internet.

“Do we have a way of just getting them a hard copy?” he asked.

Jones said parents can “just let us know” and that the office can print out hard copies.

It was noted that while the high school has been using this method for the past two years, there are several parents there who have requested and received physical copies of their child’s report cards.


According to Kreider, wearing a mask at Carlynton is optional, but masks will remain available and some students elect to wear masks while in the building, he said. 4

The district has had few COVID-19 cases in the past month with only three students and five staff testing positive as of Jan. 17. The district will continue to follow CDC guidelines.

Stock market

Kreider also congratulated the students who won Pennsylvania’s annual “stock market game.”

The competition “allows students to experience the thrill of investing fake money,” Kreider said.

Students are given $100,000 in fake money and can invest those funds based on current trends. Carlynton placed first in the Western region for the contest, with seniors Alby Vargis and Lance Henderson and freshman Jacob Floyd taking prizes.

Carlynton’s business teacher, Ryan Gevaudan, advised the students.

Carnegie resident Sam Bigham attends Indiana University of Pennsylvania where he serves as news editor of student news source “The Penn.”


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