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Carol Ann's opens again two months after fire

Photo By Lynne Deliman

Owners Carol Ann and Paul Krisby in their newly renovated convenience store.

Carol Ann’s convenience store reopened for business on Dec. 1., two months after a fire blazed through the multi-unit building that houses the store as well as several apartment units.

Paul Krisby, who operates the business with his wife and company namesake Carol Ann Krisby, said reopening the storefront marked the first of several more restoration phases to come. He hopes the adjoining dining room will be ready by January, but expects it could take considerably longer before the apartment units will again be ready for rental.

Several local fire companies responded to the fire call Sept. 17, battling the flames for two hours before the scene was stabilized.

None of the building’s 15 residents were harmed by the fire, which firefighters indicate began in one of the second-floor apartments.


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