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Clean out, new paint forwater tower in Kennedy

This image provided by West View Water Authority shows outriggers that are installed on top of the Kennedy water tower to support containment curtains.

Kennedy residents may have noticed construction on the outside of the township’s water tower.

Township Manager Greg Clarke said the structure on Coraopolis Road is undergoing routine maintenance by West View Water Authority and will be painted a delicate robin’s egg blue to match the sky.

“They’re going to sandblast the outside and clean the inside,” Clarke said.

West View Water Authority expects the renovations will take just over two months to complete, according to Project Engineer Al Satoris.

In December 2019, West View Water entered into a 10-year, continuous, full-service Tank Maintenance and Asset Management Program with SUEZ Advanced Solutions, Satoris said via email.

“SUEZ is the largest provider of asset maintenance programs for storage tanks to the potable water industry within the United States,” Satoris said via email.

He went on to say the SUEZ program focuses on maintaining assets through preventative maintenance.

The tanks are assessed annually and continuously monitored to set the renovation and repair schedule “to ensure the highest level of protection is continually provided,” Sartoris said.

The Kennedy elevated tank was due to receive a “full interior and exterior renovation.”

Crews have put up rigging on the water tower to hold up a containment curtain system which is used to dampen dust while sandblasting the water tower. It also limits overspray during painting, Sartoris said. Recently, the water tank in Wexford was renovated.

“We had zero issues at Wexford and certainly hope that is the case for Kennedy.”


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