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Clever Park Pool in Robinson to now be open to Montour district residents


The Clever Park Pool will be open to more people this year.

Robinson Township is opening it up to residents who live in the Montour School District according to Commissioner James Barefoot. Manager Frank Piccolino III said now that the township is no longer outsourcing the running of the pool, and has taken it in house they can handle the crowds coming in to swim.

“I think that everything's back to normal,” Piccolino said, referring to the resumption of service after the COVID-19 pandemic restrictions abated, and the switching of companies which managed the pool. USA Pools of PA took over from Jeff Ellis Management in April 2022.

Piccolino also said that like many other places, the pool had difficulty staffing lifeguards.

“We have more control over these factors and we can handle the crowds coming, hire our own lifeguards and train them,” Piccolino said.

Jen Yuvan, parks director for the township, will be tasked with those duties.

Yuvan said via email the decision to bring the management of the pool in-house had been powered by a desire to increase the township’s level of oversight on a daily basis.

“It was important to us that we had full responsibility and accountability for all of our staff, allowing us to create a more seamless operation,” Yuvan said.

Yuvan said consultants would still be on-hand to “provide a level of professional experience as it pertains to the mechanics of the pool if necessary.”

The goal was to improve customer service, Yuvan said.


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