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Code official resigns, citing concerns with safety and job stress


By Chadwick Dolgos

Stowe ordinance officer Harry Seretti has resigned his post after seven years, saying an increase in criminal activity elevated his working stress levels and introduced concerns for his safety.

“Due to the huge increase in stress and the feeling of unsafety on patrolling the streets because of the crime increase, I must offer my resignation as Ordinance Officer,” Seretti said in his resignation letter.

The board unanimously approved his departure during the commissioner’s monthly meeting Jan. 11, a day after receiving his letter.

Commissioner’s President Robin Parrilla said he appreciated Seretti’s reasons for moving on, acknowledging a code enforcer’s work is not easy.

“Working with the public can be tough,” said Parrilla. “Seven years of doing what he has been doing takes a wear and tear on you.”

Parrilla acknowledged that increased crime in the township is a problem and said township officials are working on curbing it.

“We keep hiring police officers,” Parrilla said. “We just need to see some results.”

Parrilla also pointed to the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, which he said added to an already stressful job by backing up the courts for nearly two years.

“You can’t get anything accomplished through the legal system,” he said. “This COVID has backed us up for maybe two years. It’s insane.”

Both Parrilla and Vice President Darrell Chestnutt said they suspect Seretti’s age may have also played a role in his departure.

“When you get to be 70, you want to stop and enjoy your grandchildren and life,” said Chestnutt. “I think Harry put in a solid seven years, and now he wants to take some time and spend it with his family.”

Seretti will continue serving as the township’s ordinance officer until Jan. 21.

In his resignation letter, he agreed to assist the township in onboarding a new employee and attending pending hearings on behalf of the township when necessary.

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