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Community visioning sessions planned for upcoming rezoning


By Alice Crow

The Borough of Crafton held a council meeting on May 26 to discuss topics ranging from the multi-municipal zoning project with Ingram to commission vacancies.

In the community services and infrastructure report, council vice president Kristen Compitello announced that Ingram, like Crafton, officially voted to select ZoneCo, a national zoning consulting firm, to work on the multi-municipal zoning project between the two boroughs.

The contract between the boroughs and ZoneCo should be signed soon, she reported.

The multi-municipal zoning project is planned to update local zoning to allow an increase in business activity to the area. The current zoning regulations date back to 1997.

In addition to this update, the two boroughs plan to construct a joint steering committee with eight members per borough, consisting of council members, planning commissioners and local business owners.

Once the steering committee is constructed, they will most likely meet every other month to discuss the project.

There will also be a visioning component to include the community in the zoning project.

“There is a visioning component that will be happening this summer to help advertise that the zoning project is happening, “ said Compitello.

“It will be a public event and we’ll invite the community to come and participate in sharing their ideas and visions for the future of Crafton, as well as Ingram since they’re a partner in this project.”

This visioning component could begin as early as late June, but dates are still tentative and more information will be available at the next council meeting on June 9.

Council president John Oliverio also announced that the council plans on holding strategy sessions when the organization assessment is released. This would be a public session, overseen by a facilitator.

Crafton vacancies

Residents who are interested in becoming more involved in the borough can apply to fill commission vacancies, council member Colton Chandler announced. While the borough has filled many positions in the last couple months, there is still a civil service, zoning board alternate and a library board vacancy.

All interested can visit where the 2022 board and commission vacancy application is currently on the front page.

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