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Construction on township-led housing developments underway in Robinson

Updated: Jul 31, 2023

Current construction on the Clever Road Estates  development near Montour High School.


By Alice Crow

Three multi-million dollar residential building projects are now underway in Robinson Township.

Plans for these projects were spurred by an environmental planning design study conducted in 2018 that concluded the area had a need for these types of developments.

Township Manager Frank Piccolino explained that the last major housing development in Robinson occurred off of Silver Lane at Heartland Homes at Silver Summit. The 102-unit development there sold out within a year’s time. Houses ranged from a base price of $450,000 to $700,000.

As to the three new township-led building projects, Piccolino stressed that the high demand for these is coming not only from residents but also from surrounding business owners.

“It’s an opening up for future developments,” said Piccolino.

Both Piccolino and Planning Director Rick Urbano are leading the projects and both believe they will provide wanted housing for the area, drive up business and decrease traffic.

Starting list prices are not currently available for any of the following developments. According to Urbano, the township is not involved in setting prices.

“Who knows what the economy is going to be like then,” said Urbano.

Clever Road Estates

The 62-unit development of single-family homes is set to be constructed near Clever Road and Montour High School. While the development is open to all, it is geared toward residents aged 55 and older.

“A lot of site work will be taking place soon,” Piccolino said about the development.

Robinson residents can expect to see the construction of the houses start in late fall or early spring. The project is set to be completed in two to three years.

High Tower

Development on 240 apartment units being built between Steubenville Pike and the Mall at Robinson began two months ago with the construction of the foundations. This development will include a pool, a clubhouse and an extension of High Tower Boulevard. This will allow for another entrance to the Mall at Robinson.

“It’s a benefit to everyone. It will increase foot traffic to the mall. The mall should be thrilled,” Piccolino said.

Urbano Way

Seven buildings, around 280 units, are set to be constructed near the Robinson Costco.

Urbano Way, the road to the development, will extend a quarter mile long and is expected to alleviate traffic on Park Manor Boulevard.

The Urbano Way development will also include a pool and another access point to the Mall at Robinson.

A timeline for the Urbano Way and High Tower residential projects is currently uncertain, as Urbano believes changes in the economy will impact the construction.

“It’s happening, the only thing slowing it up is the economy, but it will get done,” he said.

Urbano indicated that developers are dealing with rising costs and limited budgets, therefore a set end date is harder to say at the moment.

However, Urbano is excited to see the projects underway as he has been hoping to take lead on developments like these since the early 2000s.

“It will improve the area and keep the things we have on the tax rolls busy,” Urbano said.


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