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Coraopolis approves participation in Duquesne Light's LED Program

By Chadwick Dolgos

-Public Works-

Coraopolis council approved a motion Aug. 12 to allow for 100 lights to be replaced with LED technology as part of the Duquesne LED Light Program.

“We’re only allowed up to 100,” said Coraopolis Manager Raymond McCutcheon.

The program's purpose is to convert current streetlights in communities throughout Allegheny County to LED lights in an effort to reduce future costs.

McCutcheon and Council Member Edward Pitassi hiked the hills of Coraopolis seeking out areas that would benefit from the program most.

“We’re up to about 70-some lights,” McCutcheon said.

“We were looking at School Street, Main Street, Montour and Vine, trying to get most of the north and south roads.”

Duquesne provides the LED lights for free, but there is a $109 installation fee per light.

The total cost for the borough would be around $10,000.

While LED lights reduce future costs, the savings from the program will not be experienced immediately.

“It probably takes five to six years to save $100 in electricity,” said McCutcheon. A

more appealing benefit of LED lights is that they give a fresh look to Coraopolis.

“It’s making the town look nice,” he said, referring to some LED lights that have already been installed along the main roads in Coraopolis.

Council’s David Pendel formalized McCutcheon’s request and motioned to allow up to 100 lights as a part of Duquesne’s light program. Council voted unanimously in favor of the proposal.


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