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CORAOPOLIS | Mayor Dixon censured for ‘certain statements’ about borough worker

By Elizabeth Perry

Council members voted to censure Coraopolis Mayor Michael Dixon to the surprise of the assembled crowd at the borough’s regular May meeting.

Dixon walked out when the intent to censure was announced at the top of the meeting.


Developer Brian Diggins, who owns many properties on Mill Street and other properties in Coraopolis, including the former municipal building, was the first to reach the microphone after Dixon walked out, and asked the question others were murmuring; “Could we get an explanation of what just happened?”

Solicitor Richard F. Start said about two weeks ago an attorney representing an employee of the Borough claimed Dixon made “certain statements” about the employee and the censure was a move to legally separate the borough from Dixon.

In a statement issued after the meeting, the council elaborated by saying the censure was done to “diminish or reduce the risk of financial funds of the Borough should litigation be filed.”

The council unanimously voted to approve the censure with the present members; Edward

Pitassi was absent, but his name appeared on the borough press release.

Dixon said via statement after the meeting that the censure will have no impact on his duties as mayor and will not stop him from speaking on issues.

“(The censure) is nothing more than a political gesture from Council expressing their displeasure with me,” Dixon said via statement. Dixon went on to list his accomplishments as mayor and urged residents to vote. He said he would serve out his term through 2025.



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