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Cornell school directors prepare for the new year


By Carrie Moniot

Cornell school directors recently swore in board members and re-elected its president and vice-president in a unanimous vote. The appointment of a new school director will occur in the coming year.

According to District Solicitor Trish Andrews, only three election certificates were received for four positions on the Board of Education during the November election. Now that three of the four positions have been filled through the election process, they will hold a special meeting on Jan. 6 to appoint the fourth.

Applicants were given until Dec. 20 to apply.

“We’ve had to do this before in the past due to retirements, but I don’t think we’ve ever had it because not enough people were on the ballot,” said Superintendent Aaron Thomas.

During the Dec. 9 reorganization, re-elected board members Darlene Abbott, Michael Engel Jr. and Stephanie Mazzocco, were sworn in and administered the oath of office. Karen Murphy remains president and Linda Solecki, vice president.

Murphy has been on the Board since 1999 and has been president all but three of those years.

“I’m just always so excited about being elected,” said Murphy. “This is a great place to be. I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else. I like to say Cornell is the best private school tax money can buy. It’s a great family.”

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