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Cost of pool overhaul increased to $700,000

By Garret Roberts


Those returning to the Crafton Swimming Pool this summer may not see many changes, but the borough is working to begin a complete overhaul of the facilities as soon as 2022.

At the borough council meeting on June 10, the members said renovations to the bathhouse would be minimal this season. In turn, the grant the borough applied for would be enough to cover a full renovation of the bathhouses and the surrounding areas next summer.

The renovation project, originally set at $500,000, is now valued around $700,000 for completion, actualizing the original drafts that the borough proposed in 2014. These plans include the installation of permanent bleachers, new changing rooms, updated concession stands and improved flow throughout the area.

“It has been quite a while [since the previous improvements],” said Douglas Sample, interim borough manager. “It’s very dated in a tired building.”

The funds for the projects would be matched by the grant if awarded, meaning the borough would use $350,000 of bond proceeds received this year. The other $350,000 would then come from the state, which sponsors the renovation programs.

The renovations would also serve as a way to put Crafton’s facilities on par with other surrounding boroughs’ pools, according to officials. Improvements already in place this year include a new lining for the Crafton pool and minor renovations to the bathhouse.


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