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Council addresses roadwork concerns during meeting


By Abbey Sullivan

Crafton council addressed roadway closures and delayed construction during a Feb. 10 meeting.

Following resident complaints about road closures throughout the borough, council announced potential solutions and how to advance the construction process moving forward. Sterrett and Chess streets are the first affected roads.

During Mayor Coletta Perry’s report to council, she acknowledged the need for traffic control and security improvement. She also informed members that incoming city busses were now instructed to take the new road detours when entering Crafton, which will improve road safety going forward.

Crafton’s road work comes as a result of the borough’s Sewer Separation Project. This initiative will include a new parking lot, new sidewalk and curbing, further site lighting and the development of an underground stormwater management facility.

Further details can be found online at:

Engineer Rick Minsterman echoed Perry’s comments in his report to the council.

Most recently, he participated in a joint meeting between Perry, Interim Manager Douglas Sample, and the owner of the road construction company Independent Enterprise.

Further meetings will take place to maintain contractors’ diligence toward completion; this was a problem cited and discussed by Minsterman. Additionally, an onsite inspector will continue to monitor the road work to make sure adequate progress is being made.

“Traffic control is a moving part and is difficult to manage, but still needs that management,” said Minsterman.

Citizens will be notified via handouts of road closures. Council suggested that information also be communicated through the Savvy Citizen app for better access to all residents.

“Hopefully it is a short inconvenience for a long benefit,” Minsterman said of the road closures and resulting difficulties to drivers. “The idea of closing roads always has both pros and cons.”

Minsterman expects the road construction to be completed early this summer. There are plans to implement appropriate signage about closures and detours on Feb. 14.

Commission vacancies

Council also addressed 21 openings in the commission structure, which include civil service, Crafton planning, park and shade tree commission, and the zoning hearing, library, recreation and vacancy boards.

Council voted to pass a new application policy to fill such positions. Selected applicants will be appointed by council to these commission positions.

Councilman Colton Chandler reported to members that vacancies will be formally posted following future meetings.

Descriptions of each commission may be found on the borough website at:

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