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Council vacancy filled, zoning project moves forward


By Abbey Sullivan

Crafton council has filled a vacancy with former council president Phillip Levasseur, who lost his reelection bid in November.

Candidates Fred Amendola and Levasseur both presented to the council during a Jan. 27 meeting, where they discussed their goals for the position.

Amendola – a former Crafton official who fell short in mayoral and council races last November – stressed the need for police improvement and a lessening of efforts toward current infrastructure projects, over worries about costs.

Levasseur argued the opposite and cited the borough’s 2017 Comprehensive Plan as a direction in which he hopes to continue to take the council. He was then voted to fill the vacancy and was sworn in by Mayor Coletta Perry. His term will run through 2023.

“I would like to help Crafton’s mission to aid its citizens,” Levasseur said in his speech. “I want to make Crafton a viable place for the long-term.”

Perry, who created the vacancy when she forfeited her council seat to be sworn in as mayor, said Levasseur will be able to work well with the other officials.

“They are able to have good dialogues with one another. And I love the respect they have for each other,” Perry said about the new faces on the council.

Zoning continued

Council continues pursuing zoning redesign efforts in conjunction with neighboring Ingram Borough. Councilor Kirsten Compitello stressed the necessity of the project as she continues her work with the Community Services and Infrastructure Committee.

“Zoning will have a huge impact. We want to make sure as we go into this next process that it is the right one,” she said of the zoning project’s trajectory.

During the Jan. 27 meeting, council passed a motion to continue searching for funding proposals for the zoning regulation changes.

This will proceed in conjunction with Ingram officials.

The project was previously put on hold due to several factors, including Ingram’s addition to the grant, but is now moving forward again.

“The stance for Ingram is that whatever the council wishes, we are on board,” said Ingram Council President Sam Nucci about Crafton’s plans and goals for the zoning process.

The current expected cost for the zoning update is $100,000. Both Crafton and Ingram will together match the $50,000 Pennsylvania Department of Community and Economic Development grant they received.

Each municipality will pay $25,000. The expected timeframe is 12 months.

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