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County police investigating fire company


Allegheny County police officials have confirmed the department is investigating claims of possible criminal activity involving members of the McKees Rocks Volunteer Fire Department.

A county police spokesperson noted in a Jan. 13 email the department had received information from McKees Rocks law enforcement, but declined to give further details other than confirming, “We have an open investigation into this matter.”

McKees Rocks Police Chief Rick Deliman said the investigation has now been “turned over” to county law enforcement and declined to comment further.

Around this time last year, the McKees Rocks company generated a series of headlines following a surprise move to replace longtime former chief Nick Radoycis with Donald Baird, who took over in December 2020.

Disapproving of the change in leadership, former council president Paul Krisby responded by notifying county emergency response officials the neighboring Presston company would serve as the borough’s official fire service.

Krisby resigned shortly after on account of health concerns, and, council, under the leadership of new president Archie Brinza, later voted to reinstate the McKees Rocks department.

Borough and fire officials reached for this story declined to comment while the investigation is ongoing.

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