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Crafton pushes new council selection to month of January


By Alice Crow

Crafton Borough Council members decided to not accept council member Phillip Levasseur’s formal resignation in order to push the selection of a new council member to the Jan. 12 meeting.

Council members had the option to accept Levasseur's resignation at the Dec. 8 meeting and select a new council member from the three candidates who applied, but they opted not to, providing them with more time to make a decision.

Council heard statements from two of the three candidates.

Pamela Pulkownik sent a letter to be read for her, since she could not attend the meeting. Pulkownik has lived in Crafton for about a decade and was recently appointed to the Crafton Parks and Recreation Committee.

Nathan Henry, a 19-year-old junior at Chatham University and resident of West Steuben Street, spoke about his experience in high school student government and his life-long love for the community he grew up in.

“I am currently studying a background in business but I've always had a love for government and being involved. There is a lot I would love to give back to this community,” he said.

“Ultimately, I really hope to be this sort of stepping stone towards a more representative government of the younger people that make up a large portion of the 6,000 people we have in this community.”

The other candidate who spoke was former council member Brad Crouse, a resident of Belvidere Street. Crouse has lived in the borough for six years and served as a council member for four years. He cited his extensive experience and the previous work he has done for the borough during his presentation.

“From an infrastructure standpoint, a public safety standpoint, a business standpoint, and a financial standpoint, I feel that Crafton is a much better place now than it was five years ago,” he said. “I think we made it a more safe, a more prosperous, and a more equitable community. Now I want to help finish what we started as I believe there is still more we can do.”

Council members ultimately agreed to push the decision back to allow all candidates a chance to speak and answer questions in-person at the first January meeting.

2023 budget

Council members unanimously passed the borough’s 2023 budget, which included no tax increases for the third year in a row. Property tax for the borough’s 2023 budget will remain at 8.56 mills. Of the tax levied, 2.42 mills will be dedicated to a permanent special road/ street improvement fund

“I do want to acknowledge the finance and administration committee, also staff and Basic Business Concepts. This is a huge project, it was done very smoothly this year with all the departments getting involved,” said Council President John Oliverio.

3-way stop

Council members unanimously approved an ordinance to install a 3-way stop at the intersection at Bradford Avenue and Crafton Boulevard. This came after both residents and council members had safety concerns about there being no stop sign on Bradford Avenue, allowing for an unimpeded turn onto Crafton Boulevard.

Alice Crow is a senior at Chatham Universty and is the editor-in-chief emeritus of Chatham’s student newspaper, the Communiqué.


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