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CRAFTON | Updates on joint asphalt preventative maintenance program with Ingram


By Alice Crow

Crafton officials reported progress on existing efforts, while informing residents on changes to expect in the borough over the coming months during the Sept. 22 council meeting.

Asphalt maintenance

Council members voted to move forward with the next steps of the Asphalt Road Preventative Maintenance Program, a joint effort between Crafton and Ingram boroughs.

The project is set to apply reclamite to roads that have been recently paved in the last five years.

Applying the product helps to reduce oxidization and minimize minor cracking that causes asphalt roads to deteriorate.

The project is currently in the bidding stage.

Council members approved a motion to have Interim Manager Doug Sample send a concurrence letter to Ingram, allowing them to enter into a contract with Pavement Technology, Inc. for $90,650. Crafton is projected to pay for $70,000 of the bid because a majority of the roads in the project are a part of the borough. Currently 35 roads in Crafton are set to be rejuvenated, but this is subject to change.

Streetscape project

As for the Crafton Boulevard Streetscape project, the idea for an additional stop sign at the intersection of Bradford Avenue and Crafton Boulevard has been referred to the borough engineers. Currently, the intersection has no stop sign on Bradford Avenue, allowing for an unusual, unimpeded left turn.

Council members informed residents that the borough engineer would be present at the next council meeting to provide recommendations.

The council also approved a motion to apply for $500,000 in grant funding for phase II and III of the Crafton Boulevard Streetscape project. These funds will be used to make requested improvements to Carlynton’s Crafton Elementary School, such as beautification and improved safety through slowing traffic. These efforts will narrow the road, provide bump outs for parallel parking, as well as concrete curbing, sidewalks, lighting and landscaping.

“We have met with the elementary school to discuss this with them and they are in favor,” said Council Vice President Kirsten Compitello.

“They have given a letter of support for this.”

As for continued concerns over speeding on Crafton Boulevard, Council’s Phillip Levasseur acknowledged it is still a serious problem and that council is meeting with the mayor and chief of police to address the ongoing issue.

“We are going to have an opportunity to work with the mayor to put up the proper speed limit postings,” Levasseur said.

Levasseur also encouraged residents to reach out to state police who can use radar technology to enforce speeding violations.

“We also know that the state route going up the road is a freeway, people are speeding on that and we want the state police to enforce their road,” he said. “I strongly believe the state police need to be enforcing the speed limit on that section of the state route. It’s their responsibility and it has been very well documented that it is their responsibility.”

Fire inspections

Council members officially passed a motion to waive the fire inspection ordinance fee for one year. This new ordinance requires commercial, multi-family, assembly, industrial and institutional properties to have annual inspections to identify and mitigate potential fire hazards. Single-family homes are exempt.

The proposal was raised at the Sept. 8 council meeting by Sample.

Those found in violation of the new fire inspection ordinance will not be required to pay the fee for the first year in order to give property owners time to update their buildings to meet new standards.


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