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Dad retires leaving Cornell Coach in need of new assistant

From left to right: Cornell Head Coach Sean Crummie with his father and former Assistant Coach Chuck Crummie, brothers Devin Crummie and Kevin Crummie and children Evan Crummie and Charlie Crummie.


By Elizabeth Perry

Cornell’s assistant boy’s basketball coach, Charles Crummie, tendered his resignation Aug. 18.

Charles Crummie stepped in to help his son, Head Coach Sean Crummie, last year.

"My dad said he could help me for one year," Sean Crummie said, but added that his dad wanted to enjoy his retirement and spend time with his grandchildren.

His father had been a coach at Central Catholic High School for 45 years before being let go in 2019.

"He was a good person to have in my back pocket when I had an emergency," Sean Crummie said.

William Sacco, athletic director for the Cornell School district, said he knew the elder Crummie because he'd coached when Sacco coached.

“He came from a really high caliber program, We were fortunate to get him here. I was surprised when he said yes, and I think that's what fathers do, they help their sons,”Sacco said, adding that the players seemed to like having him as a coach.

Sean Crummie said he has two candidates in mind to fill the open position. Sam Calhoun who played for Central Catholic and John O’Malley, who is currently a Cornell teacher.

"(Calhoun) played for us when we were at Central Catholic, and actually played when my dad was head coach," Sean Crummie said.

Calhoun played at Allegheny, hurt his knee and then ended up graduating from the University of Pittsburgh, Sean Crummie said. He also coached for Cornell the past year.

Sean Crummie said this year the basketball roster has seen a few kids transfer in and out, and a couple of seniors have graduated.

"It will be an interesting year to see who's going to step in and be the guys this year," Sean Crummie said.



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