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Damar Hamlin to donate 4 AED’s to McKees Rocks

By Elizabeth Perry

Buffalo Bills Safety Damar Hamlin will be donating four Automated External Defibrillator machines to McKees Rocks Borough.

The units have been priced at $1,550 each through a discount with Northwest Emergency Medical Services.


In January, Hamlin’s heart stopped after he took a hit to the chest during a live game between the Bills and the Cincinnati Bengals.

His life was saved because he received immediate medical attention.

His gift of AED’s could prevent the deaths of others in his hometown.

Council President Archie Brinza said the AED machines would be placed on the fire truck, in at least one police car and in the borough building.

The fourth machine may be placed in another police car, Brinza said, but that is yet to be decided.

Insurance switch

Additionally, McKees Rocks Borough approved a deal that will save the borough up to $9,000 on the total insurance package annually by switching insurance carriers.

Mike Baily of Baily Insurance addressed the council during the July 11 Caucus meeting and explained the potential ins and outs of the decision.

Baily said safety had driven down workers comp insurance, as few workers with the borough made claims.

“It’s a credit to your staff for working safely,” Baily said.

The borough was eligible for lower-priced insurance through a different carrier, Encova. Previously, they were insured through Traveler’s Insurance.

Encova is an A-rated company, which means it is excellent at meeting its financial obligations, while Travelers is rated A++, which means it is superior at meeting its financial obligations. Workers Comp insurance through Travelers would cost the borough $92,000 while the Encova policy is $69,000.



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