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McKEES ROCKS | Developers wanted to propose plans for Chartiers vacancies

Updated: Nov 9, 2022


The McKees Rocks Community Development Corporation is looking for developers interested in proposing building projects for several empty properties along Chartiers Avenue in McKees Rocks.

The MRCDC, which owns the commercial district properties, is requesting proposals to revamp 507, 533 and 597 Chartiers Avenue and 1 Furnace Extension.

“MRCDC is hopeful that we can work with a single partner on this bundle of properties,

proposals may include one, all, or any combination of these properties,” said Jeb Feldman, MRCDC economic director via press release.

On the properties, there is one small, existing building, but mostly the pieces are empty plots of land. Feldman said the MRCDC is trying to manage what development is going to happen on these properties in order to make sure the new buildings match the character of the other structures on the street.

“It’s a historic main street corridor,” Feldman said

The organization wants to make sure the new buildings keep that original, “main street” feeling.

“Certainly our goal is something that complements the Roxian, and to build off the energy of that economic development anchor,” said Feldman.

At this time, some ideas being batted around are a restaurant or even a hotel, though they’re open to many different concepts which would enhance the area. At this early stage in the bidding process, no developers have submitted proposals though some interest has been shown.


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