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CARNEGIE, CRAFTON, McKEES ROCKS | Federal Rescue Plan funds trickle down to local police forces

Updated: Jan 13, 2023


Local law enforcement got a boost from the Pennsylvania Commission on Crime and Delinquency via several grants awarded Dec. 14.

An announcement from State Sen. Wayne Fontana’s office lists the following area police departments as recipients of the Federal American Rescue Plan Act’s Local Law Enforcement Support Grant Program:

• $79,247 to Bellevue Borough for in-car cameras and laptops

• $178,786 to Carnegie Borough for body-worn cameras, tablets, patrol car dash cameras, surveillance cameras, and license plate readers

• $20,017 to Crafton Borough for a license plate reader system and replacement batteries for body-worn cameras

• $81,952 to Kennedy Township for in-car cameras and license plate readers

• $50,000 to McKees Rocks Borough for a license plate reader system and community surveillance cameras

• $17,598,124 to the City of Pittsburgh for portable radios and hardware

“These funds will support local organizations and municipalities so that they can continue to provide much-needed services with the appropriate tools, training, and technology. I am proud of the work they do day in and day out to enhance our communities,” said Fontana via statement.

Funds from the federal Gun Violence Investigation and Prosecution Grant Program also will be provided to Allegheny County.

Included are:

• $2,348,536 to Allegheny County for salaries and benefits, overtime reimbursement, vehicle and equipment purchasing, software purchasing and licensing, and training


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