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Flick wins Democratic nomination over long serving Rocks mayor

By Jamie Wiggan

Staff Writer

-McKees Rocks-

David Flick has seized the Democratic Party nomination from Jack Muhr, local party chair and incumbent mayor since 2002.

Flick was one of three primary challengers to oppose Muhr, and secured a 32-vote lead over the incumbent according to unofficial results published by Allegheny County late on election night.

“I am absolutely humbled by this opportunity and I’m very very encouraged at the same time,” Flick said.

“I really look forward to creating an atmosphere where good things can happen in McKees Rocks.”

Muhr said he’s not ready to concede the race until the county releases the official results, which could take several more days.

The winner of the Republican ticket — determined by write-in submissions — also remains to be seen, confirming whether Flick will face an opponent on the November ballot.

As to whether Muhr might run as a write-in Democrat or accept the Republican nomination if it turns out he secured the most GOP write-ins, Muhr said he’s not yet sure.

“I haven’t made up my mind yet,” he said. “I’ve done a lot of work for the people of this town, and I don’t know what’s happening.” A lifelong resident, Muhr, 82, has been involved in McKees Rocks politics for several decades and served as the borough’s code enforcement officer before he was installed as mayor 20 years ago.

Flick said he plans to forge ahead, whether or not he faces a Republican challenger.

“If it turns out I have an opponent who’s the Republican nominee, I’m going to run a campaign,” he said. “If I don’t have an opponent, I’m still having a campaign so I can inform the community about my plans."

His two immediate priorities, he said, are establishing a mentorship program bringing together youths, working professionals and the elderly, and forming a women’s auxiliary to ensure female voices are represented in the borough.

Other Democratic hopefuls Jackie Page and Tristan Yoder each fell more than 100 votes behind Muhr and Flick.

Following the release of the provisional results May 18, Page issued a social media statement thanking voters for their support and congratulating Flick on his victory.

Yoder released a statement indicating he was holding out until the announcement of the final results and wished luck to the rival candidates.

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