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Follow the trail to find the sunset at the end

Updated: Jan 3, 2022

Photo by Matt Weed

It’s the little things in life that bring great joy to columnist Matt Weed. This Dec. 2 sunset view from his Crafton apartment is something Weed says is worthy of sitting in the moment and enjoying.


By Matt Weed

I am a person who gets rewards from visuals. By this, I mean if I hike it is because of a beautiful view or object, not just for the health benefits.

You won’t ever see me hiking some flat trail through heavily wooded areas unless it leads to a waterfall or something equally visually stimulating. I love nothing more than an intense and colorful sunset, and I will go to as many locations as I can throughout our vast and great city just to view them.

In my travels I have had my fair share of amazing sunsets.

Some notable ones were at the beautiful Pigeon Point Light House in Mateo County, Calif., where I sat atop the rocky shorelines in awe and looked out into the open vastness of the ocean and observed as the colors of the sun brushed upon the water like a painting. I’ve gazed at sunsets at more obscure locations, such as the desert lands of Cottonwood, Ariz.

where the sunset brought a whole new magical array of colors to an area otherwise so lacking in color.

But some of my favorite sunsets have been found right here in our beautiful city. While trying to find the perfect spot I’ve hit all of the tourist destinations, such as the overlooks of Mt. Washington and the lesser known (and often more enjoyable) West End Overlook.

I’ve driven north to the more rural parts of the area and sat in fields, and I’ve traveled south toward Ohiopyle just to watch the sunset.

I’ll often snap a few photos, but I always get irritated that the camera doesn’t quite capture the colors as the eye does, so I tend to just sit and enjoy.

It’s moments like these that bring me great delight.

I love sunsets so much so that when I recently moved I chose my new apartment in Crafton based solely on the views of the borough, knowing I’d have views of the sunrise and sunsets. My bedroom windows are in line with the height of my bed so I can just turn and look out to the hillsides and watch every night as the magic unfolds.

With that said, I’ve had my fair share of lackluster sunsets. Nothing is more “meh” than driving an hour away for something that doesn’t put on a show, or running downtown to the Point and waiting and watching in anticipation only to be disappointed. I mean, I still enjoy it, but it’s always better when the sky puts on a spectacular display. Dec. 2 was one of the more enjoyable in recent memories. It was a wonderful showcase of ever-changing and evolving displays that only grew more intense as the sun further descended. I was able to capture a few photos that did it justice from my bedroom, but I mostly just sat in the moment and enjoyed it.

It was an hour display worthy of documenting, and the picture shown is from that evening.

It’s the little things like sunsets in life that bring me great joy. It’s a reminder that while everyday life can’t always be beautiful and magical, sometimes life can bring you the greatest of surprises!

I’d love to hear some of your favorite places locally to catch a sunset, as I am still on the hunt for that perfect moment in time to capture it and take it all in. So, as always, comment or find me on the interwebs and let me know!

If anyone is interested, maybe I’ll do a future article on the sunset-watching locations and which one I personally feel offers the best experience and view.


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