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From the Publisher’s desk…Challenge: Will you donate to ‘Viking Bucks’ program for me?

Dear Readers,

In this issue, you should notice a new “What’s Happening In Your Schools!” page from the Sto-Rox School District. This is a sponsored content section providing “News & Notes” that traditionally do not make the pages of Gazette 2.0.

This is a monthly addition to the paper, so please take note and share all the good news coming out of McKees Rocks and Stowe Township’s school district.

This month, look for the content on Page 10. Of note is the “Viking Bucks” program at the Sto-Rox Primary Center. See how happy the students are with a $10 voucher to use at the school book fair. Reading this snippet about a $120 anonymous donation to the program made me smile, too. I have children of my own and know how much being able to make a purchase alongside their classmates can mean. Besides, it’s a reward for good behavior and it allows students access to new reading material to devour. It’s a win-win.

On that note, I am throwing out a challenge to the readers of Gazette 2.0 to make a donation to the Parent Teacher Organization for use in the “Viking Bucks” or other related programming.

I am personally making a donation of my own on behalf of Gazette 2.0. I hope you will, too.

To donate, send a check, money order, or cleverly concealed cash to Sto-Rox PTO, 300 Ewing Road, McKees Rocks, PA 15136. Please note that the donation is for the PTO’s “Viking Bucks” program.

Warmest regards,

Sonja Reis

Editor & Publisher

Gazette 2.0 News



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