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GAZETTE 2.0: Advertisers are the foundation of the home we’ve built


By Editorial Board

Four years ago, when we decided to take the plunge into the world of newspapers – a world which has long been dying – we were worried and skeptical of making it work. How were we supposed to take a dying business – one that had already put many other local newspapers out of business over the years – build it from the bottom up AND make it profitable?

We needed a solid foundation in order to make it work.

Everything needs this foundation in order to succeed. Houses need it in order to stand the test of time. Every piece of furniture we own needs a good foundation so it doesn’t collapse after one use. Really, any material thing needs a foundation in order to work.

Metaphorically speaking, the same goes for us as humans. Families, schools, life in general can all be predicted by the foundation that was built for us since birth and that we build for ourselves as we grow older. Success or failure relies on a solid structure. What that structure looks like will vary.

From a business perspective, most rely on the support of loyal customers and advertisers to carry them through and keep them afloat. We’re no exception.

If it weren’t for our advertisers, we wouldn’t be here today. They are our foundation (or part of it, rather.)

Some of our advertisers have been with us since the beginning, some are new.

If you have been with us since the beginning, well, all we can say is thank you for deciding to take the plunge with us. We will always be eternally grateful for those that have supported us during that tough first year. We don’t know if we could have continued past that year if not for those businesses.

If you’re a new advertiser, welcome. Your support will continue to help us grow and stay in operation for many years to come.

Whatever the case may be, we appreciate everyone who has put their trust in us.

As we’ve talked with our advertisers over the years, there’s a common thread that seems to tie them all together – their wish to support another local business. Of course, they’re hoping to get something out of it too, that’s how business works. But they could take their business elsewhere if that was the case.

Now, just to clarify, this foundation doesn’t rely on just one thing. Just as a house’s foundation is made of many materials that all work together in synchronicity, it’s all a part of one big puzzle that comes together, pieces that consist of our readers, writers and those passionate enough to keep the place operating behind the scenes with little or no return.

So for anyone who has been here since the beginning – thank you for sticking it out with us on this crazy journey. And for anyone new to our paper, welcome! We will continue to provide our communities with quality reporting and, hopefully, as the new year is upon us, we look forward to working with everyone again for another successful year.

If you are in the market for an ad or would like to support a local business, Gazette 2.0 offers affordable advertising at a fraction of what most newspapers charge – starting at just $35! For anyone interested in advertising, or with any ad-related questions email or call (412)652-5875.


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