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Get moving and reap the benefits of exercising with your family

June 13 is family health and fitness day. Communities and families across the country are encouraged to get healthy together while still practicing safe social distancing.

This year’s theme is “Parks Build Healthy Communities.” Parks are a great way to get out and have fun as a family while getting in some much needed physical activity. This has been difficult as parks across the county have been closed to the public, but with restrictions easing up we can plan on getting back out there.

Exercising with the family is a great way to get in daily physical activity. It’s also a good way to get motivated, as watching other family members participate can inspire you to also partake.

There are many potential benefits to exercising as a family as opposed to by yourself. Routine is important in every aspect of a child’s life, but creating a routine that involves physical activity is especially important, according to ABBA Medical Transportation.

Exercise habits in childhood will follow a person into adulthood and lay the foundation for future habits. That’s why it’s crucial for parents to lead by example and set the example for their kids. Children are more likely to try something if they see their parents or siblings doing so as well.

Working out as a family can also be a positive way to bond with each other. Exercising creates the perfect environment for honing in on teamwork and communication skills, both key qualities for future success in any area.

There are several ways to work out as a family.

Although this year's theme revolves around parks, they aren’t the only outlet to have some family fun. Hiking or going for a bike ride are great activities that the whole family can do.

Thankfully, nature trails have remained open to the public throughout the coronavirus social distancing restrictions. Traversing one of these paths can be an excellent way to get in physical activity for the whole family and spend time together.

If you are still wary about going out, there are plenty of activities to do at home. You can make an obstacle course in your own backyard. Buy some cheap materials, like cardboard and tarps and create a makeshift watercourse.

Or find a fun workout video and move from the comfort of your own home. Cranking up the music and dancing can also be a fun way to get your bodies moving.

Whatever you do, try to find an activity that everyone can enjoy. The important part is to just move.



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