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Good holiday wishes in tumultuous times


By Rep. Anita Kulik

Typically, things would be very quiet in Harrisburg at this time of year but, things are very unsettled in Harrisburg now as the leadership from the Democrats and Republicans fight over who will be in charge when the House reconvenes for the new session on Jan. 3.

I will have more information on this topic as things develop. As of now, however, I am sure you have seen the reports as the leadership of both major parties disagree on what can be done.

Our 45th district has changed. Carnegie, Robinson, Kennedy, Stowe, Pennsbury, Coraopolis, and Neville remained in the district after reapportionment, and our district now includes Bridgeville, Collier and McKees Rocks. I am so happy to represent these municipalities and am spending time getting to better know the new communities. So far it has been a wonderful and educational journey.

I believe my colleagues would agree that we are all happy to be in our districts, celebrating the holidays with our constituents. I enjoy having the opportunity to speak directly with the people I represent.

So many wonderful things are going on for the holidays.

The holiday decorations and lights on the main streets and in the neighborhoods really make our towns shine. Small businesses are offering all sorts of gift items, so you don’t need to travel far from home to get just the right last-minute presents.

I want to thank all the community organizations for hosting holiday events. I have been to cookie walks, shopping days, pancake breakfasts and church services from various denominations. Goodwill is being spread by church members, volunteer firefighters, community and business leaders and local officials.

There is ample opportunity to help those in need or local groups trying to raise funds. Everyone tries to do a little extra to help this time of year. There is a true spirit of giving in our communities.

Thanks, too, to all the residents who have taken time to volunteer in their communities. Whether it was for an extended commitment or just a few hours, our residents have spent countless hours making their communities remarkable in so many ways.

Thank you to all those from our communities who will be working through the holidays. So many of our friends and family must work and do not get the holidays off. Nurses, doctors, medical staff, police, EMS personnel, firefighters and other essential workers must celebrate on the job.

We should be forever grateful to these good people for their commitment to their communities.

I also wish to thank all the local government officials for their service to our communities. Whether on a board or council, civil service commission or parks and recreation board, road crews, office staff or school board, their service to our residents sometimes goes unnoticed, until there is something to complain about. Local government work is hard for those who take it on. We need to appreciate the work our local officials do to keep our communities safe and orderly.

My staff has worked very hard this year and I want to thank them for all they do for our residents. I want to thank everyone for all the kind words that you send regarding my staff. I feel honored to be able to serve as a state representative and feel privileged to have such wonderful office staff, who are dedicated to doing the best for the people we serve.

My final thank you is to the residents of the district. You have been more than kind to me and my staff this past year and we greatly appreciate serving all of you. It is a privilege to be your representative in state government and I look forward to engaging with you in 2023.

Whatever you are celebrating this season, I hope you find warmth and peace in your lives.

May your new year be blessed with great happiness!



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