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HARRISBURG UPDATES | PA gears up for US Semisquincentennial celebrations

By Rep. Anita Kulik

The Pennsylvania House of Representatives held a session the week of April 24. The House will be considering bills that have been run through the various committees over the past couple of months. It will be good to be back to business as usual, as the past couple of months have dealt with matters of organization and budget (appropriations) hearings.

While I have served on many committees during my time as a state representative, I am now serving on just one committee, having been appointed as a chairperson. The speaker of the house appointed me chair of the Game and Fisheries Committee. Being appointed chair is a great honor and this committee is of particular interest to me. Unfortunately, committee chairs are not given other committee assignments, as we are so very busy with the pressing matters of our particular committee.

I have been a member of the House Game and Fisheries Committee for the past four years. This committee considers all matters relating to the sports of hunting and fishing. The committee also considers matters pertaining to game lands, streams and rivers. Law enforcement efforts of the Fish and Boat Commission and the Game Commission are also matters considered by the committee.

I have met with the directors of the Fish and Boat Commission and the Game Commission as well as their local representatives. I am looking forward to working with the hunters and fishers of our communities as well as those of my colleagues on the committee from across the Commonwealth on matters that affect our outdoor sportsmen and women.

250th Birthday

I remember 1976 pretty clearly. I was still in grade school, but I remember all the Bicentennial celebrations that occurred for the United States' 200th Birthday. In 2026, we will celebrate the 250th birthday or Semiquincentennial of the founding of our nation.

Pennsylvania is gearing up for the celebration. Being the seat of the founding of our nation, we have much for which to be proud – and I am not just talking about Philadelphia. Western Pennsylvanians played major roles in the formation of the United States. There is so much history to be found in our area, and in the boundaries of our district.

The Pennsylvania Commission for the United States Semiquincentennial (known as America 250 PA) was established by the governor and legislature back in 2018 to prepare Pennsylvania for the celebration. As we are getting closer to 2026, the Commission is moving quickly with plans.

I am pleased to have been appointed to be the representative from the House for the southwestern counties on the America 250 PA Infrastructure and Projects Committee. The role of this committee will be to identify projects and showcase our Commonwealth’s signature places. At the first meeting of this committee in Harrisburg, the appointed members from the House and Senate met with representatives from the commission to have initial discussions on the role of the committee and potential projects.

Pennsylvania has a rich history in the formation of our country. The commonwealth is a true microcosm of all that makes up our nation. It will be a pleasure to work on this committee to show off all that is remarkable not only about Pennsylvania, but particularly what is remarkable about our southwest region.

I look forward to hearing from our hunting and fishing communities on any issues or concerns regarding these outdoor sports. I also look forward to working with our local communities as we consider projects for the 250th celebration of our nation’s birth. I hope you will reach out to me with any input you wish to offer.



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