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Is love worth fighting for or a big waste of time?

By David Ficarri

-Diversions with Dave-

Every year around Valentine’s Day, you’ll hear the popular refrains from the songbirds.

On one side, there are the in love, everything is great, exchanging gifts and romantic gestures kind of people. Then, there is the “love is dumb, such a stupid holiday, why can’t I find a nice sugar mama” guy...but enough about me.

So, what group do you belong to, the “love is a wonderful thing” or “love stinks” or even the “any love is good love” crowd?

It shouldn’t be so complicated though, should it? I mean, you pick someone out that you’re attracted to and say “be my baby”.

However, that feeling has to be mutual, which might explain why Jennifer Love Hewitt won’t return my phone calls. Alas, there’s nothing quite as empty a feeling as unrequited love.

Just when things are feeling hopeless, though, you say, “Cupid, draw back your bow and let your arrow go...”.

The chubby cherub obliges your request and parks his projectile in your “dream lover’s” heart.

They suddenly turn in your direction, your eyes meet and you say to yourself, “now, I’m a believer”.

As the romance begins to blossom, you tell yourself, “you can’t hurry love” but they’re so amazing that you just “can’t help falling in love” with them.

As you get some alone time, you think back to when you were an “owner of a lonely heart” and how quickly this “crazy little thing called love” changed your whole outlook on life.

Your friends all tease you but even they can see “in your eyes” that you’re head over heels in love.

That is really the true “power of love”. It can take one person who feels like a “lonesome loser” and turn them into the “king of wishful thinking” just by giving them the right person in their life.

So, if you’re the “I still haven’t found what I’m looking for” person or the “I will always love you” type or even if you’re the “ob la di, ob la da, life goes on” kind of person, hopefully the soundtrack of your life still plays beautiful music. Enjoy the journey and turn the music up and let love be your guide.“Some people want to fill the world with silly love songs. What’s wrong with that?”


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