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Kennedy Township prepares for new town home site along Lorish Road


A plan to build town homes received preliminary approval from Kennedy Township commissioners Sept. 9.

The project would entail the construction of 34 units.

Mark Koontz of Horizon Properties Group, the company building the homes, said the cost of the project and time frame for completion was as of yet unknown.

Tax Collector Mel Weinstein said the project has a few more steps involving permitting before ground can be broken at the spot.

Koontz said he didn’t anticipate a significant traffic increase from the additional homes despite the concentration of the multi-family units.

Weinstein also said he felt traffic would not increase enough to warrant a stoplight.

The multi-family homes would be built between Lorish Road and Crown Street with no access from Bilmar Drive.

Horizon Properties Group has built commercial properties throughout the region, most notably the Southpointe Golf Club in Canonsburg.


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