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LETTER TO THE EDITOR | Reader shares info on mysterious writer K. C. Constantine

Dear Editor,

I enjoyed the article written by Elizabeth Perry about Carl Kozak in your April 13 edition very much. I would like to add to the article. Carl graduated a year ahead of me at Stowe High School, as it was called then. He and Al Leonard transferred there from Rox for their senior year. I don’t know the reason because I never asked.

What I do know is that they, Al and Carl, improved Stowe’s baseball team tremendously.

Al was a very good pitcher and Carl an excellent catcher. To me, Carl looked like a typical catcher and Al looked like a typical pitcher. It was my good fortune to watch them as they played for Stowe since I covered the team for the school paper.

Now I will try to purchase some of Carl’s [K.C. Constantine’s] books. Can’t wait to check out the library and/or the bookstore.


R. W. Lawson,

Kennedy Township

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