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LETTER TO THE EDITOR | ‘The first shall be last and the last shall be first’

Dear Editor,

The mystery of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette operating procedures of the last several years or more is the divide-and-conquer mode of becoming the king of the mountain.

At 84, I look back at the history of the Pittsburgh Press; Pittsburgh Sun-Telegraph, and third-place Pittsburgh Post-Gazette and think of the Bible verse “The first shall be last and the last shall be first.”

Over the last 30 years or so the weeklies and bi-weekly local newspapers have been bought out to create a greater profit margin; but between the internet and local cable television companies giving locals news of interest traditional print news began to die on the vine.

So now we have the striking Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, what’s left of the Tribune Review’s operations in Pittsburgh and a few local community weeklies or bi-weekly papers still trying their hardest to provide for their readership.

Is all the news for a quality of life beyond the scope of just Sunday editions and internet blips somehow thus limiting the need to learn about all that’s going on in society limited to what truths don’t we know that may harm us?

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette hierarchy will not negotiate a new contract with its striking personnel and are hiring from outside to replace them instead.

Many of the striking workers have started their own online news source called the Pittsburgh Union Progress, others have returned to their jobs at the P-G. At some point, the remaining strikers will have to start looking for work elsewhere or do the same.

When profit needs turn to greed; price and profit controls we must heed, or end of life on this planet will be our deed.

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette is on the road to massacre itself by cost reduction of manpower for greater profit.

Why can’t the big boys just be happy with a good wage and comfortable life. Why the ego trip?

A man of many experiences,

J. Thomas Uranker,


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