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McKees Rocks vacant seat awarded to Michele Arlott

Photo by Elizabeth Perry; Newly appointed McKees Rocks Councilmember Michele Arlot (left) with Solicitor Megan Turnbull on June 6.

McKees Rocks welcomed its latest council member to fill a vacancy June 6 when Solicitor Megan Turnbull swore in Michele Arlott during the borough's workshop meeting.

The 40-year-old Arlott is a Campbell Street resident of The Bottoms, is serving Ward 2 and the youngest member of the board.

Her husband, Stephen Arlott attended the meeting and said he was proud of his wife for her choice to serve.

“She wants to make a difference. We’ve lived in this community our whole lives,” Stephen Arlott said.

Michele Arlott said via email after the meeting that she recently turned 40 and had seen good changes and bad changes throughout her life.

“My perspective has shifted the older I get. I see neighboring communities that were similar to The Rocks now thriving and full of life. I wish for that to be our future in McKees Rocks,” Michele Arlott said.

Arlott replaces late council member and former fire chief Nick Radoycis who died March 5.

“A tiny ripple effect can eventually create a large wave. I want to help create that wave.”



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