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McKees Rocks Women's Alliance forms to beautify borough

Members of the McKees Rocks Women’s Alliance after the third meeting on Feb. 27 at the American Legion in Stowe.

By Alice Crow

A new organization is working to beautify McKees Rocks and bring back pride to the small town’s residents. The McKees Rocks Women’s Alliance was formed in late 2021 and is a non-political organization with a mission to create a better environment for the borough.

“The first and foremost goal of the organization is beautification,” founder of the Women’s Alliance, MarySue Flick, said. “Second, we want to develop gardens throughout the community and third, we want to provide a social outlet.”

Flick was encouraged to start the organization by her husband, McKees Rocks Mayor David Flick.

“David suggested the ladies of the community get together to make change,” said MarySue Flick.

After the mayor’s initial speech at the organization’s first meeting in October 2021, women have been meeting and discussing solutions to community issues.

There were over a dozen women in attendance at the third McKees Rocks Women’s Alliance meeting on Feb. 27. Many long-time residents discussed issues such as trash, abandoned properties and pests.

“These are real issues and it’s all about development,” Samantha Levitzki-Wright said as she noted how many of the problems identified in the meeting were interconnected and it often feels like fighting an uphill battle.

Despite the hard work ahead of them, many attendees were optimistic about what they could accomplish together. Flick encouraged members to “fill the town with flowers” and to “be creative” with their beautification efforts.

“McKees Rocks could be the town of beautiful alleys,” said President of the McKees Rocks Historical Society Sandy Saban.

Pennsylvania State Rep. Anita Kulik was also in attendance and stated that it was “amazing and encouraging” that the women of McKees Rocks were meeting to discuss solutions.

With spring right around the corner, members hope to plant flowers at the veteran memorials around town, plan an April Fools Day parade, organize garden contests and repaint dilapidated murals.

To achieve their many goals, however, the Women’s Alliance needs support from other groups and organizations, such as the borough council, McKees Rocks Community Development Corporation, local artists and the youth of the community.

Those interested in receiving updates about the Women’s Alliance can join their public Facebook group, called the McKees Rocks Women’s Alliance. Women can also attend future meetings every last Sunday of the month from 2 to 4 p.m.

Each meeting will dedicate the first hour to business, while the second hour is a time for women who don’t otherwise have many opportunities to interact with fellow community members to work on creative personal projects, Flick explained.

The next meeting will be held on March 27 and flyers with the official location will be posted to the organization’s Facebook group.

For those who cannot attend meetings, Flick encourages community members to get involved in other ways.

“Future projects will require the help of men as well,” she said.

Whether building new planter boxes, repainting old buildings or picking up trash while on a daily dog walk, members of the Women’s Alliance believe everyone can help aesthetically improve McKees Rocks.



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