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Meet Dalisha Hoszowski new Sto-Rox School Director with unique perspective

DaLisha Hosowski at the Jan. 19 workshop meeting for the Sto-Rox School District.

By Elizabeth Perry

DaLisha Hoszowski brings unique experience and perspective to her new position on the Sto-Rox School Board.

Hosowski was once a member of the Positive Parenting Team at Focus on Renewal and in 2017 was part of a group that reached out to local daycare providers to structure a curriculum for children age preschool to third-grade.

“I have a third grader at the [Sto-Rox] primary center. I knew that was something they were still struggling with,” Hoszowski said.

Her son is a straight-A student who is “into school and Fortnight.”

The small business owner and mom of three young children is the only school director besides Levitski-Wright with a child currently attending school in the district and the only one with a child attending the primary center at this time. She brings that viewpoint to the board.

During the Jan. 19 workshop meeting, the directors discussed providing Chromebook computers to all students in order to make teaching and learning easier.

Hoszowski said that paying for repairs on the electronic devices should they be damaged was enough of a deterrent to make her and other parents opt out of the program. Even the up-front cost of $25 for insurance to defray the price of repairs was too much, she said.

Hoszowski grew up in Virginia with her mom who was originally from Beaver Falls, but she would spend her summers in McKees Rocks.

“This is where I felt I had my closest roots,” Hoszowski said.

Her aunt lived on Gardner in the Bottoms and her dad lived on Esplen Street, “right behind Sunoco.”

She is a community ambassador with the McKees Rocks Community Development Corporation and a small business owner with DaLisha’s Treats, a home baking and candies company. The business came out of baking with her kids during the pandemic.

“Over the years I’ve just developed a more business mindset,” Hoszowski said.

Hoszowski makes custom orders for weddings, parties and corporate events. She also creates content videos for Facebook to show people how to bake.

“I’m forming a circle of loyal customers,” Hoszowski said.

Fellow school director Kimberly Spriggs, a preschool teacher in the McKees Rocks community, joined the board in November. Like Hoszowski, she was also an appointee.

“I am excited to see what Director Hoszowski brings to the table, and I look forward to working alongside her to bring the changes that our children deserve,” Spriggs said.

The school board is still short a member and is seeking one residing in Region 2 - Stowe.


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