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Montour approves newagreement with its union, hires new teaching slate

The Montour School Board approved a five-year contract with the Montour Education Association and also welcomed on board eight new teaching staff during its May 20 meeting.

Beginning in the fall, Montour’s elementary and high schools will each have one new teacher, while the middle school’s teaching staff will grow by six.

Mark Hutter, board president, said the district received around 270 applications for the positions, and applauded the work of those involved for processing them efficiently.

“That helps us get the best teachers versus trying to get them on the backside when other schools are already hiring them,” he said.

The new teachers approved include:

• Ashley Hellman, Montour High School ($56,675)

• Alexis Bucci, Montour Elementary School ($49,500)

• Julia DeWit, David E. Williams Middle School ($55,325)

• Victoria Diehl, David E. Williams Middle School ($55,325)

• Emily Ferraro, David E. Williams Middle School ($56,675)

• Karen Matarazzo, David E. Williams Middle School ($48,325)

• Jordan Paddick, David E. Williams Middle School ($52,675)

• Christiana Vamossy, David E. Williams Middle School ($48,325)

Hutter also praised the work put in by directors, administrators and union representatives to broker a five-year contract, starting August 2021.

“This sets us up for the next five years,” he said.

– Jamie Wiggan, staff writer.

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