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New code enforcement officer named


Stowe Township has hired University of Pittsburgh graduate Nick Leffakis as its new enforcement officer.

Leffakis previously worked at Etna and has a master's degree in public administration. He began working at Stowe on March 21.

Leffakis’ predecessor Harry Serretti stepped away in January, citing “safety concerns” in his resignation letter, and has since taken on a part-time role at Reserve Township.

After onboarding Leffakis, the township is also looking into creating an additional part-time code enforcement position with a special emphasis on garbage violations.

In a press release, Commissioner’s President Robin Parrilla welcomed Leffakis’ arrival as the latest in a slew of new township hires made during the past 12 months. Other hires include two part-time police officers, two full-time officers and a full-time township secretary.

“We are happy to have so many new faces within the township. The combined experience, education and talent they all bring is a major asset to our community,” Parrilla said.


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