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Old Stone Tavern gets new lease on life


A family has purchased the historic Old Stone Tavern in Pittsburgh’s West End Village neighborhood with plans to restore and reopen it to the public.

Prior to the purchase, a group of volunteers known as the Pittsburgh Old Stone Tavern Friends Trust had been working for years to find a way to save the 240-year-old building from ruin. Having once served Revolutionary War soldiers, the tavern shuttered in 2008, with the namesake stone structure at risk of deteriorating.

According to a press release issued by City Council President Theresa Kail-Smith, Barbara and Steve Porter, along with their son Robert, bought the building late October with the support of the trust. The husband and wife duo currently live in Oregon, while their son lives close to their new property in Pittsburgh.

“The Friends of the Old Stone Tavern have worked so hard over the years of making this project a reality and for that I am for extremely grateful for them,” Kail-Smith said.

“We are committed to continuing to work with the Porters and the future elected officials to see this project through to completion.”



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