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Planning and zoning leaders switch places

By Jamie Wiggan

-McKees Rocks

In a coordinated move March 9, council accepted the resignations of Ken Perl and Nick Radoycis from the borough’s planning commission and zoning appeals board and then immediately reappointed each to fill the other’s former role.

“Nick is going to move over to the planning commission and Ken Perl will move to the [Zoning Appeals Board],” President Archie Brinza said after reading aloud Radoycis’ resignation letter during a caucus meeting the previous evening.

The reshuffle was contested by councilmembers Liz Delgado and Sarah Harvey, who put forward a vote to advertise the positions and solicit letters of interest from the public before filling them. The vote was opposed by all seven other members.

“With these commissions, they’re very important to our town,” said Brinza, who urged there wasn’t sufficient time to wait for applications, and lauded the experience of both men.

Following Harvey’s failed motion, the vote to approve both appointments passed 7-2, with Harvey and Delgado opposing.

Having served on the zoning appeals board for 37 years, Radoycis was required to step down after accepting an appointment to council Feb. 9.

During the March 9 meeting, council also voted to advertise a vacancy on the civil service commission created by the death of former Vice President Kathy Evich, who also served on that commission.

In a separate move, council voted to advertise for up to three alternates to serve on the commission when regular members are absent.

Safety director

After creating and advertising a new position for a public safety director in the aftermath of a recent leadership reshuffle within the volunteer fire department, council members indicated they may ultimately scrap the position before it’s filled.

“The thing that all started with, was they wanted to do away with the chief…that was a way to keep things peaceable between the fire department and ourselves,” said councilmember Chas Maritz.

Radoycis, the former fire chief who resigned shortly after the reshuffle where he was dropped from his leadership role, said the position is unnecessary.

“This is just another layer of bureaucracy,” he said, adding that he maintains good working relationships with the current chief and company president.

Prompting discussions about the new role, Brinza said the borough received three letters of interest but each was ultimately withdrawn, leaving no candidates remaining.

Rather than taking an immediate vote on whether to eliminate the position, Brinza said council’s public safety committee will discuss it further and return with a recommendation for the other members to vote on.

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