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PNC branches closed, relocated amid banking consolidations

By Carrie Moniot

As part of a broader restructuring program, PNC Bank is closing three area branches and merging them into a new facility in Moon.

Branches on University Boulevard and Beaver Grade Road in Moon Township are scheduled to close Dec. 10, while the location at Fourth Avenue in Coraopolis is set to close Jan. 21. All three will be merged into a newly-built office at 931 Brodhead Road.

The announcement comes as unwelcome news for residents of Coraopolis, according to town officials.

“It is unfortunate for the residents of Coraopolis that the bank is closing. PNC Bank has been a long-established business in town for many decades. The borough utilized their services for a long time and we had a good relationship,” said Borough Manager Ray McCutcheon.

When the PNC branch office closes next year, Coraopolis and its nearly 5,500 residents will have two banks remaining, Key and Sewickley Savings banks.

PNC representatives say the consolidation reflects customer banking preferences in a changing world.

“In terms of our rationale for consolidating branches, I can share that there are more ways to bank with PNC than ever before, and we have continued to see our customers taking advantage of the investments we have made in non-branch channels by altering the ways in which they use brick-and-mortar locations,” according to a written statement from Marcey Zwiebel, Director, PNC Bank Corporate Public Relations.

“Shifts in the way customers are conducting their banking transactions are important inputs that inform our branch consolidation decisions.”


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