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Police Chief Vogel to become president of state association

Carnegie Mellon University Chief Aaron Lauth with ACHA Chief Mike Vogel and Canonsburg Chief Al Coghill.

Allegheny County Housing Authority Police Chief Mike Vogel was recently sworn in as the first vice president of the Pennsylvania Chiefs of Police Association. Next year, he will assume the role of president.

At that point, he’ll be in charge of several different programs including training and recruitment. The organization is funded by the governor’s office and often advocates for legislation as well as best practices across the state.

“It’s a prestigious accomplishment,” Vogel said.

Vogel has been the chairman of the legislative committee before and was promoted from fourth vice president within the state’s chiefs of police association. Currently, he’s recommending that local police be allowed to use radar to catch speeders, as Pennsylvania is the only state to disallow the practice. State troopers can and do use radar to check how fast a vehicle is traveling.

“Not many bills get through, it’s a difficult task,” Vogel said.



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