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‘Pride in Crafton’ marks its 3rd year


“Pride in Crafton” members and their friends celebrated Pride month with a parade followed by a picnic at Crafton Park on June 12.

The third annual event organized by Brian O’Malley-Gamrat and Jenny Kietz-Carlson was supported by monetary and gift donations from community members, as well as through a sponsorship from the advertising agency BOOM Creative.

“We are elated to say that we have not received any public pushback from community members,” Kietz-Carlson wrote in a message to Gazette 2.0. “It has truly been an outpouring of support and love and I believe that speaks volumes not only for the local area but also to our friends and family in the LGBTQIA+ community, that they are loved and safe to be their true selves here.”

In addition to traditional picnic offerings, attendees enjoyed chalk drawing, aerial silk performances and swimming in the Crafton pool.

Photos by Alice Crow

Oliver Hufford and Ava Forsythe create color chalk art. 

An aerial silk performer does tricks at the Crafton Park.

Persephone Renae Lowe cosplays as Rose Quartz for the pride parade. 


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