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Residents again voice opposition to GetGo project

By Tara Bailey


Although an intergovernmental cooperation agreement between Borough of Crafton and Carlynton School District for the sale of jointly-held properties at the corner of Steuben Street and Linden Avenue was voted down in December 2019, Crafton council indicated a reversal of that decision Aug. 10.

While Crafton council did not agree to sell the property to Armstrong Development Inc. for the creation of a GetGo convenience center, the group did agree to allow for the sale of its 1.294-acre portion of the 5.244 acres at the center of ongoing debate.

Crafton residents again urged council members during the Aug. 10 meeting to prohibit the sale of the properties which currently house a mini-golf course and athletic field across from Crafton Park.

Carlynton School district is the titled owner of the 3.995-acre property located on S. Linden Ave., while Crafton Borough owns the smaller piece fronting on West Steuben Street

“We don’t want another GetGo representing our community. We should use the lot for beautification and recreational purposes,” said Sharon Gaitens, a Crafton resident of 53 years.

Another resident, Leslie Tarlo, also agreed, voicing her opinion for the preservation of Crafton.

Residents are also concerned about the safety of pedestrians at the main intersection with Steuben Street.

“We are already concerned about traffic. Kids walk to the swimming pool and their safety is our concern,” said Katherine Olexa.

“In the end, it will do more harm to Crafton than good.”

The council, along with representatives from Armstrong and GetGo, owned by parent company Giant Eagle, addressed community concerns.

Developer Mark Zimmerman from Armstrong Development Inc. stated the layout of the proposed GetGo will have a strong emphasis on pedestrian connectivity. Zimmerman said the location will include a walkable path around the property and a multi-use landscaped area with a patio.

Also, Zimmerman said Armstrong Development will work with the borough on designing a Welcome to Crafton sign.

At present, there has not been a resolution as to who might purchase the properties. Discussion between borough council and the school district regarding the properties will continue in subsequent meetings.


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