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Resources for Hispanic and Latino communities in Pittsburgh

Photo by Rayni Shiring/Pittsburgh City Paper

Casa San Jose's Regional Director of Quality Management & Social Services, Jenny Diaz on Friday, August 5, 2022 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

This feature is the first in a series of articles focusing on the growing Latino communities in Pittsburgh, co-published with Pittsburgh City Paper, Pittsburgh Latino Magazine, and the Gazette 2.0.

By Ladimir Garcia

Casa San Jose

Casa San Jose provides several services for the Latino community, and its doors are open to anyone, even if you aren’t from Pittsburgh.

ISAC is a partnership made up of six agencies, including Casa San Jose, that aids immigrants with social services and helps them navigate the Pittsburgh area.

ESL classes are provided to community members who need help learning English so they can better adapt to their new homes. The classes are offered both virtually and in-person.

Jovenes Con Proposito helps Latino youths engage with the Pittsburgh community to inspire a new generation to act for meaningful social change. The program prepares young members for their futures in college and to be potential future leaders in their own communities.

Puentes Hacia El Futuro, a group for youth aged 6-14, is a similar organization that helps members learn about their community and educate them for their future. The group goes to the Carnegie Museums, theater performances, and more.

Latino Community Center

The Latino Community Center helps new and current Latino community members adapt to life in Pittsburgh. The nonprofit organization provides bilingual services, legal advice, and more, including case management, a community emergency response fund, and a health program working to promote the well-being of Latino families.

Pittsburgh Metropolitan Area Hispanic Chamber of Commerce

The principal regional advocate for Hispanic businesses and their interests in the Pittsburgh area. The organization provides networking opportunities, assistance with public contracting, micro-loans, and more.

The Pittsburgh Hispanic Development Corporation

An organization “focusing on racial equity in the Pittsburgh metropolitan area” that aims to improve the lives of members of the local Hispanic community, including increasing population, serving as a business incubator for Hispanic businesses, and providing services for housing and employment.

Labor Council for Latin American Advancement

The Pittsburgh chapter of El Consejo Sindical para el Avance del Trabajador Latinoamericano, or the Labor Council for Latin American Advancement, is a national Latino labor organization working to build political empowerment among members of the Latino community, supporting economic and social justice for all workers.

Pittsburgh Latino Magazine

A bilingual online publication focused on Western Pennsylvania’s Latinx community, with a mission “to share culturally relevant content that keeps our Latino population connected, empowers our community, and elevates the quality of life of Hispanics in the region.”


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